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The last decade has really proven to people around the world including our close neighbours in the United states that medicinal marijuana is being used to help treat serious conditions and fight diseases like Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Dementia, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic pain, and many others.  It is our duty to inform the public about the positive healing effects of cannabis and do our part in helping those in need. 

Cannabis Science Documentary

This video discribes how cannabis effects the human body.
RUN FROM THE CURE documentary - The Rick Simpson Story

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who claims he Rediscovered Cannabis as a Cure for Cancer and many other Diseases. Watch the full documentary and learn more about this amazing discovery.
What is Essential Cannabis Resin (ECR)?

The Green Rhino, Medical Cannabis Dispensary is dedicated to providing authentic ECR made with the highest quality organic cannabis strains such as Cannatonic, Renee, Haley's Comet, God Bud, and other strains which contain high CBD and lower THC levels. The process used in making this resin is the same as instructed by Rick Simpson and is also known to the general public as Rick Simpson Oil. Beware of knock-off products claiming to be Rick Simpson Oil. These products are generally sold for $30 - $50 and may not even contain any cannabis. Oil made in a lab by injecting CBD and other related hemp products are not considered ECR and should not be used to treat serious health conditions.

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