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To become a member and become eligible to purchase medicinal cannabis products from us, you must complete our application process.

First, read the forms which explain how to
become eligible to receive services. Once you understand our procedures, you must fill out the Membership Application Package.

We ask that your health care practitioner (physician, naturopath, or doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) complete our
Practitioner's Statement of Diagnosis which is included in the Practitioner's Package and email it to us directly from her/his office. (We will also accept Health Canada's Medical Marihuana Access Division authorizations.)

Your health care provider may like to see the Letter from the GRMCD (included in the Practitioner's Package) which explains about our organization. They may also require a
Medical Information Release Form and then s/he will be able to email us the Practitioners Statement of Diagnosis

While many practitioners recognize the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine, we realize that there are some who still may feel uncomfortable recommending cannabis or even completing the form. Some of them may fear professional repercussions or may not feel that they have enough knowledge about this herbal medicine. Depending on the condition (see below), a confirmation of diagnosis may be sufficient for membership, as long as the reasons stated for not recommending cannabis use are not of a medical nature.

Release of Information form can be signed and given to your doctor to encourage them to send a confirmation of your medical condition, even if they will not fill in our form. Additionally, you can release your medical practitioner from any potential liability by providing the CMPA Release Form for Medical Practitioners to your practitioner.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of our members and their health care providers, we are not able to refer you to doctors who have signed statements in the past. There are many compassionate doctors out there, and we encourage you to keep trying.

After we have received the necessary documentation from your practitioner, and it is confirmed, you will have met the criteria for membership.
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